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IEM VTEC Product Browser 4.0

This application allows easy navigation of National Weather Service issued products with Valid Time Event Coding (VTEC).

Tab Functionality:
Above this section, you will notice six selectable tabs. Click on the tab to show the information.

  • Help: This page!
  • Event Info: Details of the selected event.
  • Text Data: The raw text product for this event.
  • Interactive Map: An interactive map showing the event and RADAR.
  • Storm Reports: Local Storm Reports.
  • List Events: List all events of the given phenomena, significance, year, and issuing office.

Listing of Counties/Parishes/Zones Included in Product

UGC Name Status Issuance Issue Initial Expire Expire

RADAR Composite at Issuance Time

Storm Based Warning History

Text Product Issuance

All Storm Reports within Event Political Coverage

Time Event Magnitude City County

Storm Reports within Product Polygon

Time Event Magnitude City County

This table lists other events issued by the selected office for the selected year. Click on the row to select that event.

ID Product Issued VTEC Issued Initial Expire VTEC Expire Area km**2 Locations Signature